The Activity

The company Begas Agro has a wide range of activities that are:

Commerce of agrochemical products
Begas Agro is trading seeds and plant protective products for large crops such as rice, maize, cotton and alfalfa as well as fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides etc. at the region of northern Greece.

Rice Seed Production
Rice seed production from varieties mainly derive from Begas Agro’s research and simultaneously the company is trading foreign houses, that cover 80% of domestic rice cultivation.

Certified seeds
Rice, Cotton, Alfalfa, Maize

Complex and simple, all types with macro elements and trace elements
Indicative Types
40-0-0+SULFUR 5,5%
25-0-0+SULFUR 19,5%
20,5-0-0+SULFUR 24%

Central pesticides warehouse in cooperation with the largest foreign houses.
Basf - Bayer – Dow – Pioneer – ALFA – Sipcam – Κ+Ν Efthymiadis

Rice production
Rice from varieties that originate mostly from thes ameculture of the company Begas Agro, while using seeds of foreign companies, as well, covering 80% ofthe domesticrice-growing

Industrial processing and standardization rice
The Company Begas Agro supplies high quality rice raw material from different varieties grown in the region of Northern Greece and afterwards the processing and standardization follows in the industrial facilities of the company.
The varieties are intended for direct consumption in suitable packaging:

ΙNDICA type Rice
• white long grain rice
• Parboiled Rice: light yellow long grain rice with parboiled processing

• White middle grain rice
• Carolina, Baldo, Arborio: white big grain rice

Aromatic Basmatirice-BEGATI

Biological Rice

Brown Rice
• Longgrain
• Middlegrain
• Parboiled

Standardization and marketing of legumes
The Company Begas Agro standardizes and sells a wide variety of high quality pulses such as lentils, split peas, beans, chickpeas etc.

Commercialization of rice products
The rice products of the company Begas Agro are available in a wide variety as bulk, inprofessional as well as consumer packaging, in Greece and a broad.

Marketing of agricultural supplies
The Begas Agro distributes seeds and plant protection products for major crops like rice, maize, cotton and agricultural supplies such as fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, etc. in the area of Northern Greece

Innovative research
The Company Begas Agro in collaboration with the national agricultural research institute NAGREF, AUTH and other organizations abroad, within the European Union programs, actively participates in research on the utilization of rice products and by-products for use in the creation of:
• biological glue
• cosmetics
• insulating materials (from rice husk)
• Biofuel
• specialized uses in livestock units
• ash derived from burning bark in the parboiled rice procedure for use in the metal industry and cement and fertilizer and soil improvers
In addition, the company Begas Agro participates in the smartpaddy program. That is a system for controlling water salinity of the crop and of the drinking water. With the smart paddy system, the information is transferred automatically to the user's mobile phone. This program has been completed and it is already applied.

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