The History

40 years begas agro40 years now, the agronomist Stavros Begas writes his own, separate page in the Greek history of quality rice from the famous area of Chalastra.

Having as objective the commerce of plant protection products and agricultural supplies, the execution of green projects and rice cultivation, he created one of the largest and vertically integrated rice processing and standardization units in the country.

The dedication to quality, to full control of the production process from seed to grain, where as the successful business ventures and investments brought results.

greek rice begas agro

In the 80’s, he proceeds to the marketing of propagating seeds’material of large cultivation such as cotton, corn, wheat and lucerne and then he expands his activity in the rice production and the production of certified propagating material for varieties of Indica and Japonica rice type, spreading their distribution throughout Greece.

At the dawn of the 21st century, he turns the company into anonymous company and he moves to an ambitious development plan by investing in skilled human resources, facilities and machinery for the industrial processing of parboiled and white rice.

He creates fully equipped quality control laboratory where experienced scientists work to ensure 100% high quality of the company's products.


• He cooperates closely with the Greek producers by providing them with advice of experienced agronomists from the company and providing them with environmentally friendly selected farm supplies, to ensure high production efficiency while ensuring excellent quality, as well.

• He proceeds to rice standardization in micro-packages for the supermarkets and grocery stores by investing in suitable machinery and sales organization.

• He innovates in cooperating with research institutes in Greece and abroad while actively participating in research on the use of products and by-products of rice.

• The quality assurance, the continuous strengthening of Greek producers and their crops and the vertical integration of the production process are the fundamental success values of Begas Agro.

• There is avertiginous sales growth in Greece and export to Europe and the Middle East that reaches 95% of the company produced rice and covers 15-18% of the total country's rice exports.

• Today, Begas Agro is one of the largest rice manufacturing, packaging and marketing companies in Greece having as compass, the quality and Greek character of its products from the green center of Greece - thewell-known Delta of four rivers – Axios – Gallikos - Loudias – Aliakmonas.

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