Social Responsibility

For the Company Begas Agro, development must be based on rules of environmental protection and management, participation and well-being of the local community.

We recognize, and make daily practice, the production of high standards and quality products to be interwoven with the protection of the natural environment and with the support of people and organizations in our region.

We operate in every direction by applying a consistent social responsibility program with a main priority to environmental protection.

We are on the side of our fellow human beings in need of any kind of sponsorship and we support sports clubs, foundations, monasteries and various organizations who care for vulnerable groups.

At the center of our agenda for the environment is to recycle that is maintained consistently in major categories while we make major efforts in saving energy resources and their proper management.



During husking the rice, alarge amount of bark is produced as a by product that is used as fuel to produce steam for the needs of the plant and part of it is available to livestock and to poultry groups and electricity units, as well.


The ash results from the combustion of rice peeling and we dispose it to the organic fertilizers industries and smelters.


We work with licensed recycling companies that pick up from our factory the recyclable materials that can no longer be used


To meet the needs of the plant, we use rice husk as biofuel to produce hot water and steam. In this way, we reduce our dependency on hydrocarbons while the husk as biofuel is environmentally friendly.

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