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rizi karolina

Carolina Rice

White large round grain

Large round grain rice variety having white, full grain and its origin from the US state with the same name. After its peeling, the outer shell is scraped off and hence the characteristic milky hue. Thanks to its unique property of releasing starch while cooked, without melting, makes the Carolina rice variety to be extremely juicy and soft-boiled. It is the most popular rice for making the best “sticky” pilaf , mostly cooked in the oven and it is the protagonist forthe loved dolmades (stuffed cabbage) and appropriate choice for rice giouvarlakia (meatballs with rice).

rizi nyxaki

Nihaki Rice

White, long grain

As all the white rice obtained by milling and polishing of the brown rice that gives white, crystalized color. This long grain rice, although mainly growning in Macedonia, is particularly widespread in southern Greece. Boiled in boiling water or steam, is transformed into a juicy, sticky and delicious pilaf, granular enough, not too sticky. Excellent choice for delicious risotto, stuffed vegetables and fresh salads.

rizi rizoto

Rice for risotto, Arborio, Baldo & Galileo

White, Large round crystal grain

The greatest Italian chefs choose rice Arborio, Baldo or Galileo rice, a new variety of rice, in order to cook their amazing risotto. This large round crystal grain varieties of Italian origin with wide grain, which offer stunning creamy result in any type of risotto, plain or with meat, vegetables, mushrooms, cheese, cream. Arborio, which owes its name to the homonymous Italian village, is the most recognizable rice for risotto and outside Italian borders. The Baldo and Galileo rice varieties are of high nutritional value and quality and are often used in garnitures.

rizi glase

Glase Rice

White, medium grain

One of the oldest types of rice, with snow-white color and medium grain shape. Thin white and opaque grains adhere to one another during cooking and give a tacky texture to food. A rice with wonderful flavor and aroma, very dear to Greek cuisine because it boosts soups as it curdles, starring in desserts such as rice pudding. It is the most successful choice for soft and thick flank. But in recipes of international cuisine such as sushi and the Constantinople’s atzem pilaf, the medium grain white rice has a dominant role.

rizi basmati

Aromatic genotype Basmati rice – local denomination BEGATI

White, long grain

Pure white crystal color and exotic aroma are the characteristics of this extremely tasty rice. A long grained variety, very popular for the lovers of rare flavors, originating from India and Pakistan in the areas between the rivers that spring from the Himalayas and being cultivated in Greece by the Company BEGAS AGRO. Usually used for pilaf or baked recipes, but gets extremely tasty when fried or cooked with vegetables or meat.

rizi kastano

Brown rice varieties

Long grain and medium rain

A real treasure that overflows with benefits and enchants with its taste. The brown or un-husked rice results from the removal of the bark from the primary grain of rice. Keeping the casing of the seed, which gives it a bright coffee color, keeps also nutritional values. Low in fat and having antioxidant action is a major source of fiber, protein and starchy carbohydrates and it is rich in selenium, magnesium, thiamine, potassium, calcium, and valuable B vitamins such as B1, B3, B5 and B6. Healthy ally for those wishing to lose weight and for diabetics as it helps to balance blood sugar levels. To highlight the mild flavor, add some salt and a possible combination of sweet and spicy spice in cooking. The long grain brown rice pilaf is suitable for granular pilaf, while the medium grain, thanks to its sticky texture, is an ideal ingredient for more “sticky” pilaf. Whichever you choose, you take much longer cooking time than white rice to prepare, but it is worth it

rizi bonnet

Bonnet rice (Parboiled)

Yellow, long grain

Special rice type that results after a special heat-moisture process of the rice with bright blond color, rich taste and authentic aroma. The best choice for irresistible granular pilaf that everyone will love both for flavor and for its serving as its grains remain granular even after cooking. Derived from long grain rice varieties, it grows in the fertile valleys of the Macedonian plain. Being a heat-moisture process (parboiled), during which vitamins diffuse from the bark, giving it a unique advantage: speed and ease of cooking in combination with high nutritional value.

rizi viologiko

Biological Rice

All rice types, white, yellow and brown, are also produced under strict organic farming methods in isolated parcels of rice field where the pest is only authorized exclusively by natural methods, without using chemical preparations. So there are in the market rare and exquisite species of organic rice certified by accredited bodies with the company's label Begas Agro, which combine top quality with unique flavor. Specialised agronomists of the company make continuous inspections during the growing season to bring to our table pure and traditional products that enclose all the flavor and aroma of the Macedonian nature.

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