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rice begas agro
ρύζι begas agro

From the seed to the grain

The quality assurance and vertical integration of the production process are our fundamental values. We cover 38% of the total exports of Greece in rice.

«At the beginning, there was the seed», Theofrastos
Without qualitative (genetic material) seed, there is not good final product produced. The Company Begas Agro, wanting to ensure quality end product, started providing quality seeds. Therefore, since 1985, where it received the sporulation permission, it produces seeds of different rice varieties currently grown by many producers across Greek territory,such as the varieties Ronaldo, Gloria, Samba, Thai Bonnet, Golden Bon, Calliston etc. The Begas Agro having 30 years’ experience in seed production is the most specialized and leading company in Greece, thus covering 80% of the country's needs.In parallel, The Company Begas Agro sells seed cotton, corn, alfalfa, sunflower, wheat and barley representing foreign companies.

The agronomists of Begas Agro are daily on the side of the farmer by providing advice on the rational use and management of plant protection products and information for proper plant nutrition so that production obtains the best performance, with practices environmentally friendly. At the same time controls are carried out strictly and continuously by the team of agronomists of the company, directly in the field through the integrated management system implementation while stringent controls are applied at the stage of the receipt of raw materials by the company before the start of the phase of processing. The Company Begas Agro exports 95% of its products in Europe and the Middle East while the rest is available domestically. The means of transport used by the company meet the safety and hygiene standards of the transported products so that they arrive in perfect condition to the final recipient.

The Company Begas Agro processes rice varieties using modern equipment that include cleaners of raw material, drying machinery, heat-moisture processing lines, peeling and bleaching machines, sorting and color sorting and after wards it packs the final product in big bags (1000-1200 kg) and bags (5,10,15,25,30,50 kg) or in consumer packages of 500 grams and 1. 2 and 5 kg. The products are palletized and stored in warehouses of the company, meeting hygiene and food safety criteria, until their shipment having as destination, customers and end consumers.

BegasAgro has an export activity, in which it constantly invests, resulting in its continuous growth and development. The main goal is the products produced in the largest rice-producing region of Greece, Halastra, with the quality and Greekness that characterize them to cross the borders of the Greek market and to circulate in as many foreign markets as possible. A goal that has already been achieved since 90% of its produced product (approximately 30,000 MT) is exported.

rice begas agro

Rice Types

Γνωρίστε τα ρύζια που παράγει η Begas Agro κάνοντας κλικ πάνω στις εικόνες

World Wide Exports

The main pillar of BegasAgro's business moves is its export activity, in which we constantly invest, resulting in our continuous growth and development. The aim is for our products, produced in the largest rice-producing region of Greece Halastra, with the quality and Greekness that characterize them to cross the borders of the Greek market and to circulate in as many foreign markets as possible. More ...

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